Product Range

Tray and Pot Sizes

We aim to make our customers’ lives easier by using multi-cell trays and root trainers to reduce the number of individual pots for ease of handling both on our nursery and by the end user,  effectively reducing our carbon footprint and at the same time keeping costs down.  Much thought has gone into the choice of trays to propagate, grow on, transplant and finally ship to you.   We have taken into account the volume of substrate, the area of optimum root growth and thus leaf area, resulting in the encouragement of strong root formation.

Multi-trays are easy to pick up and put down, they lend themselves to automation in filling and seeding in turn reducing labour extensively when planting out.  All trays are designed to fit on Danish trolleys with 1000 x 125cc root trainers or 3000 x 3.5/5cm plugs per unit.

The 3.5cm x 104 plug tray is 53 x 30cm

Each cell holds 27cc of substrate and each tray is ideal for seedlings that require further transplanting.  Plugs produced in these trays make rapid root formation and establish well when planted out.


Native Seed

Seasonality and Planning Issues

With major civil engineering contracts being undertaken throughout the year Beaver Plants will synchronise crop production to your required construction schedule.   Where the specification calls for local provenance, seed collection may have to be undertaken if not in stock; contractors should allow for a lead in time from collection to delivery as advised by our technical team.


Local provenance planting or rare seed collection is important to help restore our natural habitats and retain genetic integrity of plant populations especially in environmentally sensitive areas.   We offer a complete grow to order service to deliver the best quality plants to your exact specification within project timescales.  Native plants can be grown to any quantity and size in plugs, root trainers, 9cm-28L baskets with the correct lead time.


Beaver can deliver anywhere within the British Isles same week using its own transport or logistics contractors with specialist knowledge of horticultural products.  We provide overnight delivery whenever possible and, in any case, the delivery is tailored to suit you.


Sowing Rates