What We Offer

We can supply plants for almost any project from ponds, lakes, rivers, gardens, new builds and any other project. As well as aquatic plants we can supply grasses, perennials, ferns, hostas and many other plants.

Please see below for more information or contact our landscape sales office on 01342 831630.

Please download our landscape catalogue from the downloads section on the top left. We also have our plug plant stock list for aquatic plants and nursery list for garden plants available for download.

Initial Advice

This site, as well as our experienced sales staff are available to help you select the best plants for your project. Either use the search facility on this site to find the plants required or send us your planting plan/ plant requirements. If you require we can suggest varieties, quantities and sizes that will best suit your project. Where possible please include budget, measurements and other planting.


We are happy to quote for any job, as we have no minimum order. Though due to delivery costs small orders may be subject to a carriage charge, unless you can collect. Quotes can be done over the phone, by fax, email, by post or via this site.

We aim to return all enquiries within 24 hours and will clearly list all prices, quantities, any substitutions, delivery charges, payment terms etc.


When an order is confirmed, depending on delivery requirements, we will separate the stock to ensure availability when delivered and immediately inform you of any missing or substandard plants. We will always suggest substitutions where possible.


We deliver weekly to the whole of the mainland UK and we can guarantee same week delivery on orders confirmed Monday before 4pm. (subject to stock availability)

Deliveries will be made either on our own fleet, by transport, Parcel Force (for smaller quantities in boxes) or Pallet Force.

We will always try to suit your delivery requirements whether you require delivery a certain day, morning/afternoon delivery, or have vehicle restrictions. Let us know as early as possible if you do and we will, where possible, meet your requirements.


British and Local Provenance

At Beaver Plants we recognise the importance of producing plant and seed stock of strictly British Provenance and therefore have traceability of all our stock to British Provenance and often to county level for all our wild flower species.

Why should we ONLY plant British Provenance?

It helps retain the genetic integrity and variation of the British Isles.  We experience an oceanic climate in the British Isles and therefore our wild flowers have quite specific adaptations to our climate versus those grown in continental Europe.

To safeguard our floral heritage we must maintain our native stock of plant material.  European varieties of wild flowers can be completely different in form and habit from our native wild flowers.

Prevent hybridisation/competition from non-native stock.  For example, Spanish bluebells are outcompeting our native bluebells and a hybrid form is also present, providing additional competition to our native species.

Maintain plant/pollinator interactions – our wild flowers will flower and set seed at different times to continental European varieties.  The flower form of non-native stock can be so different that pollinators do not benefit from nectar sources.   For example, the red clover corolla tube is too deep in non-native stock for our native bumble bees to access the nectar sources.

Developers, landscapers and gardeners have a duty of care for our environment.

British Provenance is specified by statutory consulters and ecologists in planning applications for conservation/habitat creation or development projects.


Grow to Order

Beaver combines unrivalled expertise in native plant propagation with over 40 years’ experience delivering horticultural solutions to a wide range of applications.  Unlike the majority of other wildflower and native aquatic providers Beaver grows very large quantities of individual species on its two nurseries in the heart of Surrey, currently holding over 1 million plants across 250 species of stock.

We are able to assist with tenders and planting schedules by offering advice and recommendations for cost savings.

Where plant materials are from stock, in-season turnaround can be very rapid but otherwise a ‘grow to order’ can be placed to ensure the correct specification is delivery to your project timescale.

Large habitat restoration and development projects demand an understanding of the plant specification requirements of landscape architects which is why we offer a complete grow to order service to deliver the best quality plants to your exact specification within project timescales, alternatively we will offer good substitutions on variety or size if the project is immediate.

Enquiries and Ordering

Plants can be ordered or reserved by email,  online, over the phone, fax or post with free technical advice readily available Monday to Friday. Click here for our contact details.

There is no minimum order for landscape-ready plants and we offer free delivery for orders over £350 excluding VAT. Smaller orders that can be boxed will be sent on over-night courier. Larger orders will be palletised or delivered on CC red tagged trollies.  Click here to see our current stock lists.