About Us


About Our Nursery

Our nursery covers 27 acres of land in surrey. We also have 7000 square metres of intensive propagation facilities and we currently supply over 700 Garden Centres, Nurseries, Landscape Designers and Professional Gardeners' all over the UK!

Our team produce and grow over 5 million plants a year over a massive range of plants to suit anyone’s need for Aquatics or Garden Plants.


About Our Aquatics

We have grown aquatic plants since the company started 40 years ago. Beaver offers a large range of marginal plants, waterlilies, deep water plants, oxygenators, floating plants and associated dry goods including our very own display tables. 


About Our Garden Plants

Ten years ago, we started selling our garden plants which include grasses, perennials, hostas, heucheras, bananas, cannas, agapanthus, ferns and a range of contemporary and unusual garden plants under our 'Lifestyle Plants' brand. They proved very popular and today we offer over 300 varieties across 11 collections.


About Our Staff

Our company has been trading since 1973 and is now in its third generation of the founding Wheeler family. Our staff are dedicated to making sure you get the best quality plants on with every order.