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Arundo Donax Versicolor
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Golden Provencal Reed

Arundo Donax Versicolor
Arundo Donax Versicolor
Latin Name: Arundo Donax Versicolor
Moisture/Zone: Keep moist
Flower Colour: Buff
Growth Speed: Slow
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: Tellow,green and white varigated
Position: Full sun

This strong growing perennial is a very striking variegated grass. This structural plant needs plenty of room as it can grow to 3 metres in height. The leaves are broad and attractively striped in yellow, white and green. Feathery pannicles of buff flowers are produced in late summer; popular for flower arrangements. Arundo prefers a sunny position. This architectural plant can be used as a bold backdrop or a garden feature, creating a striking bamboo effect. It makes a stunning subject when grown in a patio container.