Giant Elephants ear

Colocasia Esculenta
Colocasia Esculenta Colocasia Esculenta Colocasia Esculenta
Latin Name: Colocasia Esculenta
Moisture/Zone: Keep moist
Flower Colour: Yelow
Growth Speed: Fast
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: Green
Position: Full sun, part sun

A luscious, exotic foliage plant, having large leaves with prominent veins in rich green. Pale yellow spathe flowers are produced in summer.The '€˜Taro Plant'€™ has edible tubers, for which it is widely cultivated in some tropical countries. Likes damp conditions during the growing season; needs to be protected from frost in winter and kept dry while dormant. An excellent plant for patio pots that can be overwintered in a greenhouse or conservatory. Fertilise generously. Height 1-2m