Hakon Grass

Hakonechloa Sunny Delight
Latin Name: Hakonechloa Sunny Delight
Moisture/Zone: Keep moist
Flower Colour: Green
Growth Speed: Medium
Foliage Colour: Green and gold
Position: Full to part shade

The graceful, arching stems of the lovely Hakon Grass form loose cascading mounds, a wonderful feature plant for any garden, whether planted in an eye-catching clump, in a spectacular sweep along a large lawn edge or featured in an ornamental patio container.  Thin dark green leaves have lovely yellow streaks. Does well planted in open shade, one of the few grasses that will thrive in a shaded situstion. An excellent grass that is suited well to the British climate, but is not invasive. Height to 40 to 60 cm. Keep moist. Old foliage can be trimmed back in late winter.