Lavandula angustifolia Munstead
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead
Latin Name: Lavandula angustifolia Munstead
Moisture/Zone: Average
Flower Colour: Purple
Growth Speed: Medium
Foliage Type: Evergreen
Foliage Colour: Green
Position: Full sun

Lavender is a small evergreen shrub, beautifully aromatic. Flowers of this variety are a rich lavender purple. A reliable plant that is intensely fragrant, best grown at the front of borders or beside paths where the scent can be fully appreciated. Plant in full sun. Height 30 to 40 cm.  

Cut back the stalks after flowers have faded. Remember dead heading blooms can encourage prolonged flowering. However, faded flower heads and subsequent seed heads add valuable interest in the winter as well as providing a vital food scource for birds. Lavander particularly attracts bees as well as butterflies and many other beneficial insects to your garden.