27cm x 27cm

10L Square Basket
Latin Name: 10L Square Basket

Square, fine mesh planting basket 27 cm x 27 cm (approximate capacity 10 litres). Our aquatic planting baskets are made from re-cycled polypropylene, fexible and long lasting. This size is suitable for potting larger marginal pond plants in shallow water, or 3 to 4 waterlilies in deeper water.

Mesh baskets are especially suited for aquatic plants; their roots grow out through the mesh and absorb nutrients from the pond water thus promoting their growth and starving out unsightly algae.  This process also utilises the waste from fish and other pond creatures, a natural filtration system. Marginal pond plants should be planted in baskets and placed on the shelf at the depth recommended on the label. Oxygenating plants should be placed at the bottom of the pond so the submerged leaves can grow upwards and help to oxygenate the water.  Water lilies should be planted in larger baskets and placed in the deepest part of the pond; the leaves will grow up on long stems and shade the water surface, followed by  the lovely flowers.  Use Aquatic Soil and top with Aquatic Gravel to prevent fish from disturbing the plants.

Part fill the basket with Aquatic Soil, put in the plant so only the roots will be covered with soil, fill in the soil around the plant and firm down. With waterlilies, do not cover the crown. Top off all baskets with Aquatic Gravel. Hession liners may be used if preferred. A fertilizer tablet (Osmacote or Fish, Blood & Bonemeal) may be pushed into the basket twice yearly to enhance flowering of waterlilies and marginals. ALWAYS REFER TO THE PLANT LABEL FOR IDEAL PLANTING DEPTH.