Combi Wooden Display Table

complete with stock and point of sale
Latin Name: complete with stock and point of sale

Size: L 153cm x W 113cm x H 71cm

Package includes: Display Unit, Stock, Point of Sale and free delivery (to most of the UK - subject to minimum order)

All timber sustainably sourced from a British Company and Guaranteed for 5 years

Easy to clean with removable water holding trays


Stock Options Available:

Option 1 - 18x 2L Waterlilies & 100x Netted Oxygenators @ £549.00

Option 2 - 36x 2L Waterlilies @ £549.00

Option 3 - 22x 3L Waterlilies @ £499.00

Other stocking options available, e.g. waterlilies and deep water plants.