Hampshire purslane

Ludwigia Palustris
Latin Name: Ludwigia Palustris
Moisture/Zone: Zones 2 or 3
Flower Colour: Green
Growth Speed: Fast
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: green,red
Position: Full sun,part sun

This is a low, creeping water plant, ideal for carpeting containers and covering pond edges. The rich foliage is deep red in spring, gradually turning green in summer while the stems remain red; the tiny flowers are inconspicuous. It is the only native British Ludwigia. It has a rafting habit, spreading out from the pond margins and providing cover for baby fish and habitat for other pondlife. Plant in a small or medium container, or group it with other plants, just burying the roots; use aquatic soil and cover with pea gravel.