Yellow Dwarf Waterlily

Nymphaea Pygmaea Helvola
Latin Name: Nymphaea Pygmaea Helvola
Moisture/Zone: Zone 3 or 4
Flower Colour: Yellow
Growth Speed: Slow
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: Green and maroon
Position: Full sun

This delightful miniature yellow water lily produces an abundance of tiny star-shaped flowers with olive-green leaves marked with streaks and blotches of brown. Especially suitable for miniature pools and tub gardens, or in shallow water at the edge of a larger pool. If in a shallow pool that may freeze solid in winter, remove from the pond and overwinter in a greenhouse. Planting depth 15 to 60 cm. Growth spread 30 to 45 cm.

Hardy Water Lilies
Surely the most beautiful of the water plants, water lilies produce lovely flowers that float on the surface of the water while the ‘lily pads’ provide hiding places for fish and all kinds of pond creatures. By shading the water the floating leaves help to reduce algae growth.
Miniature Water lilies should be placed in the pond, zone 3 or 4; check the information above for optimum planting depth. Gradually acclimatise young water lilies to deeper water (over 60 cm) by raising them on a block or shelf until growing vigorously.
For re-potting use Aquatic Soil that is free from impurities.  Do not bury the tuber; just the roots should be buried in the soil.  Angle the growing point so that it grows across the soil surface, and firm the soil down well.  Top the container with Aquatic Gravel to prevent fish disturbing the soil.  Do not allow the foliage to dry out, immerse in water immediately after re-potting.  Water lilies are heavy feeders: add water lily fertiliser tablets when replanting, and once or twice during the growing season.
Remove decaying foliage regularly as leaves are constantly being replaced.