Pilularia Globulifera
Latin Name: Pilularia Globulifera
Moisture/Zone: Zones 2 or 3
Flower Colour: Brown
Growth Speed: Medium
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: Green
Position: Full sun,part sun

Pilularia is an interesting little plant that can be grown either submerged in up to 10 cm of water, or as a marginal. The short leaves are bristle shaped, curled in at the early stages and becoming straight with maturity. The fruits are small and round like peppers and are found at the base of the stems.

Submerged oxygenating plants have underwater green leaves that give off bubbles of oxygen during daylight hours which improve the quality of the pond water to the benefit of fish and other pond creatures.  Underwater growth provides habitat for pond life such as newts and water snails which lay their eggs on submerged leaves. These plants give cover to fish and other pond life. Plant in a small or medium container using aquatic soil with a good covering of pea gravel to prevent fish from uprooting the plants.