Water Crowfoot

Ranunculus Aquatilis
Ranunculus Aquatilis
Latin Name: Ranunculus Aquatilis
Moisture/Zone: Zone 4
Flower Colour: White
Growth Speed: Fast
Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: Green
Position: Full sun,part sun

An excellent British native submerged oxygenating plant. Pretty, feathery underwater leaves provide good pond habitat. White flowers are held above the water surface in summer. This plant likes a running water situation; good for streams or waterfall pools as well as general pond planting.

Submerged oxygenating plants grow up from the deeper part of the pond;  their underwater green leaves give off bubbles of oxygen during daylight hours which improve the quality of the pond water to the benefit of fish and other pond creatures.  Underwater growth provides habitat for pond life such as newts and water snails which lay their eggs on submerged leaves. These plants give cover to fish and other pond life.